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Isa-Bella Leclair Posted A Bikini Selfie Showing Off Her Parkes Weber Syndrome And Says Her Condition “Doesn’t Define Her”

A 19-year-old girl from New Brunswick, Canada  shared a bikini selfie that’s breaking the Internet in the best of ways. Isa-Bella Leclair posted a photo of herself smiling in a two-piece during a sunny beach day, like many other teens and young women do in the summer. What makes this pic a little different is that Leclair’s right leg is swollen because of her Parkes Weber Syndrome. One of the side effects of the teen’s illness is lymphedema, damage to her lymphatic system that causes fluid to collect in her leg.

It would be easy for the teen wholesale bikinis to hide the part of her that’s different and not try things because of her condition, but the opposite is true. “My condition doesnt define me and no way I will let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress. I dont fit in skinny jeans or fancy shoes so I have to find alternatives, but I always end up still feeling good about my body,” Leclair told . She even recently entered — and won — a beauty pageant in her hometown. “I wasn’t suprised to win, I was more grateful to win,” she said on Barcroft TV.

Leclair told her story on a the blog for people living with lymphedema, The Lymphie Life, and it’s as inspiring as it is educational about the condition. She has lived with the rare, congenital disorder through her whole life, and lymphedema is simply a side effect. For Leclair, her visible side effects are a conversation starter and a way to raise awareness about her rare condition.

Leclair also says that her self-love and confidence have inspired others to look at her with admiration instead of pity when they see her disability. While people place a lot of focus on “health” when it comes to disorders such as these, Leclair thinks there’s something else that they should be thinking about instead: “It’s important for people who have health issues to not only work on getting healthy but to work on loving yourself and accepting who you are.”

It’s obvious in the video that Leclair has grown up in a supportive household and community. Not everyone with her disorder or other disabilities will have the opportunity to feel so supported and welcomed, but her experience is an important reminder of the power our words and interactions with people have.

Sneakers or tennis shoes

A series of maps cheap new balance tennis shoes from Readers Digest shows the bizarre regional words Americans use for common objects. From yard sales to garage sales, fireflies and lightning bugs, its a fun look at how geography changes this. Except for one map, which is astonishing.

The majority of this country calls shoes that appear to be athletic in nature tennis shoes. Up to this point Id only ever heard the term used by southerners over the age of 60, but on discussion it appears that many, many more people use the term.

The sample size of the Readers Digest map was 350,000. Being the scientists we are, here at , we decided to go for a much smaller sample size: Just us. What did employees call these shoes?

Now lets go to the biggest sample size anyone would have access to: Google. Looking just at the USA, heres what people are searching for.

What this shows is that, as a whole, the U.S. searches for sneakers more than tennis shoes, but it fails to show the regionality of both phrases. Thankfully theres a map for that, too.

Shout out to Mississippi, the only state in America that searches for tennis shoes more than sneakers.

At the end of the day, theyre shoes. Call them what you like — but the idea that tennis shoes is the preferred phrase in America is iffy at best.

Plan for G20 underwear protest cancelled

A G20 protest lingerie manufacturer  group has abandoned plans to break a bizarre Guinness World Record, fearing they will breach the state government’s VLAD laws if there was a disturbance.

But the government  and Queensland Police insist the laws and the G20 Safety and Security Bill would not have have any impact on peaceful protests, and previous peaceful rallies had occurred without problems.

Attorney-General  Jarrod Bleijie said the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act targeted organised criminal gangs who were involved in crimes like extortion, drugs and violence.

We support people’s right to protest and that’s been proven several times with recent demonstrations proceeding without a hitch, he said.

Online environmental activists Generation Alpha, which has more than 40,000 supporters on social media, wanted to break the record for the largest gathering of people wearing only underpants/knickers.

Generation Alpha spokesman Ben Pennings said the group wanted to dress as plants and animals and then strip to their underwear in a peaceful protest.

He said the nature strip was a statement against the G20 member countries, whose agendas Mr Pennings said didn’t benefit the environment, working folk, people in the third world and animals.

We thought it’d be great fun. To us, it’s a really family-friendly cool event. We know when there’s flesh involved the cameras can’t keep away and we wanted that message to get out there, he said.

However Mr Pennings said they decided to scrap the plans after receiving legal advice that the group risked breaching state laws.

Queensland police said they wouldn’t arrest a group of people protesting peacefully in their underwear, and the VLAD laws wouldn’t apply to people simply taking part in lawful protests.

If a protest is lawful and peaceful, there is no reason that members of the protest group would be arrested, a spokeswoman said.

The QPS understands and respects the right of citizens to protest lawfully in Queensland however we will not tolerate any unlawful behaviour which threatens the safety and security of the communities in Brisbane or Cairns, or actions that pose a risk to the safety and dignity of those attending G20 related activities.

The spokeswoman said fears peaceful protesters could be added to a prohibited persons list under the G20 Safety and Security Bill were unfounded. There are no names on the list so far.

The record for the highest number of people in their underwear in public was set in the United States in 2011 by 2270 people at the Utah Undie Run in Salt Lake City.

When Underwear Looks This Good, It’s Gotta Be La Perla Lingerie

When an black sexy lingerie enterprising Danish model named Brigitte Nielsen wanted to meet Sylvester Stallone in 1985, so the popular story goes, she sent him a photo of herself just barely clad in a La Perla bikini. It worked. Then they got better acquainted, but that’s another story.

The powers of positive undressing, for good or ill, come as no surprise to Ada Masotti or her son, Alberto, the founder and president, respectively, of Italy’s La Perla lingerie empire. For more than 30 years, the Masottis have been turning out elegantly wrought underthings of the finest silk, satin, cotton and lace that money can buy—and pricing them accordingly. Among those willing, able and happy to pay, apart from Brigitte, have been Mariel Hemingway, Linda Gray and Victoria Principal. “It’s not just plain, dumb-looking underwear. It has detail and design, plus a fabulous fit,” says Maria Scotto, operations manager for Montenapoleone, a chichi Manhattan boutique that, along with Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and 39 other stores, carries the La Perla line here.

From one small office in Bologna, La Perla has grown into a $200-million-a-year phenomenon, made up of four companies that produce the world’s lushest and costliest bras, panties, teddies, camisoles, nighties, bodysuits and swim wear. Prices range from $30 for itsy-bitsy undies to $1,000 for a silk nightgown and matching peignoir. But now the money goes for fashion, not just something you wear under the good stuff. “Underwear is no longer taboo, thanks partly to Madonna, but also to a whole new postfeminist mood,” says Alberto, 51. “There has been a rise in female consciousness and the desire for self-gratification.”

Judging by the current U.S. boom in fancy-lingerie sales, Masotti may have a point. Ultrafeminine clothes are making a comeback, and undergarments are following suit. Even Calvin Klein, purveyor of no-nonsense women’s boxer shorts, has started offering black silk teddies and slinky robes edged in lace, and expects his lingerie sales to reach $40 million this year.

As for the Masottis, their success is based on a simple philosophy: “A woman,” says Olga Masotti, 50, Alberto’s wife and La Perla’s chief designer, “should be the most sexily ‘dressed’ when she is undressed.” Understanding what women want underneath has been a Masotti hallmark ever since the ’30s, when Ada, now 74, spent countless hours fitting whalebone corsets at a Bologna atelier. Eager to try her own designs—and to make them more comfortable—she borrowed $6,000 from a family friend in 1954. Then, with the help of her husband, Antonio (who died in 1976), she used it to set up shop for herself. Ada’s creations, made from luxurious imported fabrics, were a hit, and business flourished.

Today, La Perla’s black sexy lingerie factory and design studios remain on the outskirts of Bologna’s industrial district, not far from the old city center where Ada has an apartment close to the one Alberto shares with Olga and their daughter Anna, 14. Ada still supervises factory operations, pausing during her rounds to chat with a number of La Perla’s 2,000 employees. Olga is equally tireless, designing the company’s semiannual collections by draping fabric on live models rather than sketching. “I see better on the figure how the garment will shape up,” she says.

The Bachelor’s Alex Nation shops for lingerie in Sydney Online

She’s the petite black sexy lingerie beauty who stole Richie Strahan’s heart on The Bachelor last year.

And amid rumours their romance has cooled in recent weeks, Alex Nation stepped out recently to shop for sexy lingerie.

The 25-year-old visited a Honey Birdette boutique in Sydney where she tried on a number of items including a laced-up corset.

Spicing things up? Amid rumours their romance has cooled in recent weeks, Alex Nation stepped out recently to shop for sexy lingerie

The reality star popped into the salon’s dressing room to try on what appeared to be the brand’s ‘Michelle’ thong suspender set, which retails for $350.

The blush colour of the lace bra and attached corset complimented her skin tone and shoulder-length blonde locks.

A store assistant helped her with the item, which she tried with her jeans still on.

Shopping spree: The 25-year-old visited a Honey Birdette boutique in Sydney where she tried on a number of items including a laced-up corset

Blonde ambition: She’s the petite beauty who stole Richie Strahan’s heart on The Bachelor last year

The blush colour of the lace bra and attached corset complimented her skin tone and shoulder-length blonde locks

The particular set she tried on comes with either a brief or G-string bottom option and is also available in black.

The winner of last season’s Bachelor continued to peruse the offerings in the store, including a white two-piece set accented with embellishments.

She peered closely black sexy lingerie at provocative separates such as see-through brassieres and lace panties.

Miranda Kerr lingerie video leaves fans panting

VICTORIA’S black sexy lingerie Secret treated its fans to a special video this week: Miranda Kerr doing what she does best – rolling around in her underwear.

“Summertime. and MirandaKerr is back w/ another sultry online commercial for VictoriasSecret Cotton Lingerie,” .

The video showed Kerr in various states of undress but the most memorable moment was the pair of green knickers that had “Girls just wanna have sun” emblazoned across the rear.

Kerr, 29, looked flawless in the shoot but she recently revealed that keeping trim isn&apost easy – especially when her guilty pleasure is home cooking.

“I love to cook. I love to have people over to the house and cook for them and have dinner parties. I cook anything – fish, a roast, it really depends on who is coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating,” she told the latest issue of Women’s Fitness.

On her exercise regime, she said: “I find that it’s good if you have a friend you can train with as well, it makes it loads more fun.

“I think about how black sexy lingerie good I’m going to feel afterwards. It can be a challenge, especially after travelling or if my schedule is hectic but working out keeps me mentally fit and positive too so I know I just have to get on and do it.”


Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Line Targeting Teens

It speaks volumes  black sexy lingerie about a culture when a President, whom by all accounts is personally honorable, is forced to apologize to an attorney general for commenting favorably on her physical appearance, while, in the same week that same culture defends lace trim thongs for teen girls with ‘Call Me’ on the front and lace back underwear with the word ‘Wild’ on the back.

Welcome to America and it’s increasingly bizarre relationship with women’s sexuality.

Did President Obama mean anything nefarious when he praised California Attorney General Kamala Harris as “by far, the best-looking attorney general … It’s true! C’mon.” I doubt it. Still, he apologized because, however innocent, it wrongly sexualized a woman who ought be judged entirely by her professional performance. Too many women are hired based on their capacity for window dressing with places like Wall Street apparently being some of the worst offenders.

But what is a more harmful transgression in the ongoing sexualization of women? A comment about a mature, brilliant, and fully grown female as also being attractive, or one of the America’s most famous undergarment companies targeting teens with green-and-white polka-dot hipsters reading ‘Feeling Lucky?’

Recently a teen girl came to see me. She had been sexually violated by a boy her own age whom she had considered a friend. After reporting the incident to the authorities, she wished to discover how she could recapture her innocence. “The world I inhabit is all about me and my friends being as sexually alluring as possible for the boys in our class. It felt good to get attention. I never believed it could end in something like this. Now I’ll never trust a man again.”

Now, granted, sexual assault is an extreme manifestation of the increasing sexual exploitation of young girls and, ultimately, regardless of the cultural factors, a man must never harm a woman, failing which he must face severe punishment. But have we no responsibility as a culture for the portrayal of girls as a boy’s playing from an increasingly young age, and do we really believe that the growing degradation of women has no consequences?

Victoria’s Secret PINK label, with its new Bright Young Things Campaign, is a particularly egregious offender. Now, I am no prude and I welcome beautiful and sexy lingerie for women. I want to live in a world where a wife is always attractive to her husband and vice versa (although men wearing lingerie is probably a step too far).

But for goodness sake, do fifteen year olds need thongs with the words “Call me” on the front? Do they need the words “I dare you” printed on their backsides? Or “Let’s make out” printed on the most private parts of their bodies? Does any of this square with the message we’re trying to send to teen girls that they should be valued for their minds before their bodies?

And lest the  black sexy lingerie argument be made that the PINK line is only for college-aged girls, Victoria’s Secret Chief Financial Officer Stuart Burgdoerfer made it clear that the PINK lingerie line seeks to reach a teen audience. ‘When somebody’s 15 or 16 years old, what do they want to be? They want to be older, and they want to be cool like the girl in college, and that’s part of the magic of what we do at PINK,’ he said.

Rebecca Harding flaunts cleavage in lingerie shoot Online

The model black sexy lingerie recently confirmed her rekindled romance with comedian and radio star Andy Lee.

And Rebecca Harding, 25, showed off her amazing figure during a sexy photoshoot wearing Voodoo Hosiery this week.

The brunette flaunted her cleavage in a red bra as she posed seductively on a bed in a metallic skirt and fishnet stockings.

Peep show! Andy Lee’s model girlfriend Rebecca Harding puts her cleavage on display in lingerie for sexy photoshoot wearing Voodoo Hosiery this week

Rebecca gave a vacant stare and pout at the camera as she displayed her taut abs and assets in the low-cut lingerie with floral fringing covering her nipples.

Her look was given a dramatic edge with large barrel curls and heavily-applied eye makeup and blush.

Her trim pins were covered in the black stockings, as she wore metallic heels and star-shaped earrings for the bedroom shoot.

Stunning! Rebecca gave a vacant stare and pout at the camera as she displayed her taut abs and assets in the low-cut lingerie with floral fringing covering her nipples

The photographer also shared to Instagram a series of images beyond the bedroom, where she appeared to sport flashback fashion from the 80s.

In one image she wore a black dress with fringing around the hemline with a red blazer adorned with brass buttons draped over her shoulders.

Her curly black sexy lingerie locks were tied up into a messy updo, highlighting her massive gold hoop ear rings.


black sexy lingerie not model lingerie again after turning

Heidi Klum black sexy lingerie reveals she will not model lingerie again after turning

SUPERMODEL and TV personality Heidi Klum has dropped a bombshell, revealing she will never pose in lingerie again.

The former Victoria&aposs Secret Angel, who turned 40 in June, says she&aposll never strut her stuff in nothing but bra, underwear and high heels again.

She told Access Hollywood Live: “I wouldn&apost model with my underwear down the runway anymore. I think I would find it a little uncomfortable, maybe.”

But she has no plans to give up modelling altogether.

“I still do photoshoots for (magazine) covers and different things or advertising stuff.”

She continues to  black sexy lingerie work on TV shows such as Germany&aposs Next Top Model, Project Runway and


How lingerie shopping is fraught with difficulties, dangers and drama

ALTHOUGH I am a grown-up on the outside, I am a child within.

You know black sexy lingerie that age at which quite normal things embarrass you? I think it’s about 13 when if your schoolbag spills open and other people see the blackening banana in your lunch box, you’re mortified. Or if the boy you like somehow finds out you like him, you flush with shame. Or when your beautiful mum, returning from her job, waves heartily from her carriage as the train pulls into the station where you are standing on the platform with your equally awkward and self-conscious friends, you pretend not to see her.

Well, this may sound under-baked, but I still get embarrassed buying feminine hygiene products at the supermarket. Or getting undressed in the communal change room at the swimming pool.

So, the other week, when I found myself in a lingerie shop with my girl Georgie, I was thrilled. Not so much by the contents of the shop, which were strangely meagre, but by my friend’s matter-of-fact audacity. Not much at all embarrasses her. Which makes her the perfect companion for an outing to a slightly kinky underwear shop.

We were in Adelaide for its brilliant Fringe Festival, and it was 42 degrees, and we were dizzy with heat exhaustion and lack of sleep when we stumbled across the strange little store. It certainly wasn’t your normal Bras N Things, yet there it was, with its bondage-esque finery in the window, right next to that well-mannered matron, Myer.

So we entered, and after a bit of ‘hello, vicar!’-style giggling, Georgie found a bra she liked a complicated pleather arrangement with lots of straps and buckles, so she disappeared into the change room to try it on, while I was left with the sales assistants.

As I said, it was a tiny store, so I all-too-quickly browsed what there was, and then found myself in what, if it were a Bunnings, would be the ELECTRONICS section, which I found mortifying, so I quickly scuttled back to the undies, and all the while, the sales girls were making small talk.

And occasionally the brunette would duck into the change room to help Georgie with a buckle on her bungee-jumping-harness-style bra, but the rest of the time I was outside with her colleague a heavily made-up blonde who kept calling me “babe”, and started going into GRAPHIC detail about a fella she was dating, and how she would use a particular (ahem) apparatus with him, and I really couldn’t bear it, so I sought refuge by looking for the 10th time at these racy undies hanging in front of me, and then I found myself thinking: ‘Why not?’

But I was too embarrassed to tell “babe”, so I casually plucked my size from the shelf and took them to Georgie, who was still wrestling with the thousand-strap bra, and whispered that I wanted the knickers, but she had to pretend they weren’t for me, and she understood my prudish weirdness and hung them on the hook in her change room.

But then, things went awry. Georgie wanted to try another bra, so Babe went in to help her, and then I heard her pause and say: “Babe. These are totally NOT your size. You’re not a LARGE! I’ll get you your size,” and I froze, and I heard Georgie say, “Oh. They’re not for me.”

And then she uttered the phrase that’s been used since time immemorial for the purchase of anything illicit, “THEY’RE FOR A FRIEND.”

Which was so stupid, ’cause I am clearly a size large, and was hovering right outside the change room. In a lingerie shop. Where people go to buy lingerie.

Anyway, at the checkout I said to Georgie, “I’ll pay for OUR FRIEND’S undies”, and then Babe said: “Tell her she needs to use some [REDACTED] with them, because they might [REDACTED].”

And just the thought that the knickers came with instructions made my face flame.